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Our Story

About GSBN

GLOBAL SPORTS BET NETWORK’S Sports Betting Information used by the Most Successful and Most Profitable Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders in Las Vegas, is Now Available to the public.

Our mission

Onboarding a new generation of sports bettors 

Forget everything you have every heard, and most of what you thought you knew about making money betting on sports!!! The truth is, 97% of all Sports Bettors lose money in the long run, and without Global Sports Bet Network, and our family of Sports Betting Information products designed for every level of Sports Bettor and/or Sports Day Trader out there, most likely you are going to remain in that 97% that continue to lose!

What we do

Building a new Sports Betting Elite Community

You too can now Profit from using the GLOBAL SPORTS BET NETWORK and their PROPRIETARY SPORTS BETTING INFORMATION SOFTWARE and DAY TRADING PLATFORM, to consistently make money within the Sports Betting Industry!  

After witnessing first-hand, the scamming, stealing, and lying within most of the handicappers and handicapping phone rooms in the industry, I promised to one-day change the landscaping within the industry, providing the opportunity for Sports Bettors and Day Traders alike, the chance to receive the Best Sports Betting and Day Trading Information Platform money can buy with 100% transparency… If you are tired of the lame and played-out, so-called “Inside Information Plays and Locks” touted by sports handicappers only to remain with those sports bettors in the 97% that consistently lose money year after year, it’s time to join the Global Sports Bet Network’s Syndicate Elite 3%, that year-after-year are the most successful and most profitable Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders in the World!!!!   There are no “Locks”, and no “Inside Information” in the industry, but THERE IS A Proprietary Sports Betting Software and Investment Information Platform that UNITIL NOW, was only available to a select few Las Vegas Syndicate of Sports Bettors/Day Traders…  YOU TOO, can gain access to this exact Sports Betting and Day Trading Information through the Global Sports Bet Network and follow along with that same information that consistently navigates the Las Vegas Sports Books making historical profits of +40% to +80% annually, year-after-year.
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Our team

Meet THE GSBN Leaders

A strong leadership team of bet experts and tech enthusiasts to create the best possible sports bet experience. 

Rod Vermilio

Founder & COO

Yannic Vollmer

Chief Technology Officer

Rick Jorgensen

Chief Marketing Officer

Darius McDougle

Marketing Executive