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Every BSBC NFT Holder will get lifetime access to our exclusive Bet Office, wich is a members only discord channel where our bet experts will publish the top 3 most exclusive bet information across all major sports leagues. You can simply follow these bet picks which have an average return rate of 80%. 


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Average annual Return

Sports betting & investing

Make your passion a long term investment

The BET Office is an exclusive “members only” discord channel, unlocked through a roadmap activation. To access the BET Office, you need to be signed into your Metamask wallet where your BSBC token is stored.

In the BET Office, can choose from special GSBN deals like a 6-month free membership. Based on the information you get every day from our professional bettors. You can place your own bets based on this information across all major sports leagues and have the highest possible winning chance. In general, we generate a return of at least 40%-80% each and every season across all our bets.

Why bet with beto?

What makes beto’s bet club different in sports betting?

You own everything

At GSBN you own your bet funds in your own accounts at any time. 

Open communication

Transparency is very important in our community that’s why we always have a open communication.

Saving your time

With our proven sports bet information you’ll save a lot of time simply following them.

Secure betting

You place your bets where you feel comfortable. GSBN will never ask to send your funds to our accounts.

Make friends

Benefit from the global sports bet community at GSBN and make new friends. 

Win the jackpot

As a BSBC member you have the chance to win the big Bet Jackpot several times a year.

Become a sports trader

Learn first and become a vip sports trader later

Beto’s mission is to onboard sports bettors to a new and more secure way of betting, all without gambling. Learn from our 20+ years of sports betting experience and start your advanced sports trading experiences as soon as you feel ready to join the ultimate sports betting elite as a member of the exclusive GSBN Sports Day Trader community. BSBC Members will enjoy exclusive membership options as new traders for a lifetime. 


Average Returns


Return Rate in 2022

Join beto’s sports betting elite club and Join the top 3% of winners betting on sports!