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Be prepared for the big mint event

Starting very soon!

Beto’s NFT Collection


Public mint price

$225 in ETH

Public Mint Date: TBA

Random Minting with the “first comes, first serve” principal. 

Top items

Don't miss our minting events to get your elite bet club membership

Partner sale | 3,000 Items

$225 in ETH per NFT | Only for Partners

Whitelist Sale | 4,000 Items

$225 in ETH per NFT | Mint Guarantee

Public sale | 3,000 Items

$225 in ETH per NFT | Open Sale

Pe perpared

how to mint a nft?

Follow you see an outline of the process on how to buy an BSBC NFT. If you still need help feel free to join our Discord and ask for help in the Support channel. 

Metamask Browser

To connect to our Minting Application you need to have MetaMaks Installed in your Browser. 

Metamask App

If your are using a Smartphone you can get MetaMask as an App to connect to our Minting Application. 

Add Ethereum

The B5SC NFT is created on the ETH blockchain and you need to have $225 in ETH (+ Gas Fees) in your Wallet. 

Purchase NFT

If you have everything prepared you are qualified to purchase a NFT at our sales events

High valuable

What you get for free in exchange with your NFT Purchase

Lifetime Bet Information

Value: $900

Per Year

GSBN Customers normally pay $300 per year to get the same amount of bet information.

Free bet night access

Value: $1,499

per Year

The BSBC NFT enables you free entrance to every GSBN Bet Night nationwide.

Bet Jackpot raffle entry


with a 1:2,000 chance

6 Times a year (after each sports season) we will announce 5 winners of the bet jackpot raffle.



As a community members of Beto’s Sports Betting Club you will own a very unique and valuable NFT that will last for the long term on the one side. On the other side you will get access to the most valuable Sports Betting Information on the market at the Global Sports Bet Network on a daily base. This information will let your generate a 40-80% return on your bets each and every season, based on 20 years of experience in the sports betting industry. Every NFT you own enables you liftime access to our top 5 sports bet picks across all major sports leagues every day. In addition you will participate on our “Sports Bettor Jackpot Giveaway Event” twice a year. 

Don’t be shy

Don't wait and join beto's sports bet club