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Dive into a unique sports betting experience

Claim Ownership purchasing one of our 10,000 Sports Syndicate Panthers NFT Collectibles which also includes a free lifetime GSBN membership, exclusive members only discounts for GSBN elite memberships as well as unlimited chances to win the monthly bet jackpot.

Beto's Sports Bet Club


Beto's Sports Bet Club


Beto's Sports Bet Club


About the project

Join the sports betting elite in a whole new experience

BETOS’ SPORTS BET CLUB is a sports inspired NFT project consisting of 10,000 programmatically, randomly generated sports panthers named “Beto” living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our mission is a win-win, by giving holders of our Sports Inspired NFT exclusive access to a unique sports betting and day trading experience that produces the most stunning and profitable returns within all major international sports markets tested and used for over 20 years by Elite Members of our Sports Betting Syndicate members daily.  This NFT project now comes to the public which allows everyone access to the Best Sports Betting and Day Trading Information money can buy, while allowing elite exclusivity into a sports enthusiastic community, with access to the most mind-blowing and innovative sports betting and day trading information from a proprietary sports betting and day trading software platform….  An Elite and Exclusive Sports Betting and Sports Day Trading Community that produces at least+40% to +80% historical annual returns. 

Specs & Distribution

A sporty collection of winning sports panthers

Beto is the Subject character of our exclusive NFT Sports Betting project which represents a sports mascot panther…   Purchasing your unique limited Beto Sports Panther gives you an invitation to join the most exclusive sports betting information clubs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Sports Panther is unique and programmatically generated from over 70 possible traits, including expression, headwear, sports clothing, fur color and more. All panthers are smashing it, but some are rarer than others. 

The panthers are stored as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a panther costs $225 (payment will be in ETH) for everyone and there are no bonding curves here. 

To access the members only area, “THE BET OFFICE”, Panther holders need to be signed into their Metamask wallet. To get access to the lifetime bet information on a daily base. 





Holder utility

Your exclusive bet club membership

When you buy one of our Exclusive Sports Panther NFT’s, you’re buying more than just a provably-rare piece of art, you’re also gaining membership access to an elite syndicate and sports information community whose benefits and offerings will increase over time..  The Beto NFT will open digital doors into the world of the Sports Betting Elite.


Own one or more from 10,000 provably-rare Beto sports panther tokens that gives you the full commercial usage rights over the NFT. All NFTs will be launched at the same initial price of $225 in ETH + Gas Fees. 

Bet office access

As a Beto Sports Panther NFT Owner, you will a 50% discounted lifetime free access to the Vegas Syndicate Wagers Subscription on our Discord including 15 selected elite sports bets that you only need to follow to join make serious money.

Bet Jackpot

Every month the BSBC Sports Bet Jackpot will be given away to one NFT holders which will win the profits we generated from our bets. We will use 20% of the minting revenue to bet on sports with an estimated return of around 20% every month.

Behind the token

The Bet Experience

Each of Beto’s token is packed with a bunch of amazing benefits for each holder in addition to the great collectible artwork.


Collect Beto's unique digital art as a new kind of sports cards.

Lifetime Discount

Get a discounted lifetime access to Vegas Syndicate Wagers and get 15 exclusive sports bets per day.

Community Role

Connect your NFT at the GSBN Discord and get a special membership role that enables specials like to chat with our sports betting experts.

monthly jackpot

Have the chance to win the monthly bet jackpot with $10 - $30k as long as you own at least one BSBC NFT

3 month vip

Join the all other GSBN memberships membership 3 month for free and make the ultimate sports betting experience.


Enjoy upcomming members only specials like collaborations and events.

The sports bet club

Sports leagues to bet on as a club member

As a BSBC member you’ll get 3 of the top GSBN sport bet picks every day for a lifetime to make your bets a win.

Professional, College League & Women Basketball

Professional League

Professional & College League

Professional League

Professional League


Join Bet's Future Journey

BSBC Whitelist Mint
The first big event on Beto's journey is the whitelist mint event where the first community members will enter the next generation of sports betting.
BSBC Public Mint
Next Beto will grow the community with the official public mint event that will make the community the most exclusive in the sports bet space.
Bet Office Opening & Academy
After the minting events are done Beto will open the first version of hte Bet Office on the community discord where very NFT hlder will get 5highly exclusive bet picks each and every day across all major leagues.
First Bet Fund Raffle
Depending on how long the minting will take we will announce the exact date when the first bet jackpot givaway contest will be launched.
long-term Actions
Beto has a long-term vision to revolutionize sports betting by enable sports bettors to switch from gambling to long-term profits. Stay tuned for more updates...

Start today

Become a member of our discord community and get a free bet every day

Our long-term goal at GSBN and especially with our NFT community is to build a never seen elite community in the sports betting space that will lead the industry based on results and transparency instead of gambling around. We are on a mission to onboard you betting on sports the investment driven way. And it startds today on Beto’s Discord community where we share a free Bet each and everyday to give you a better understanding of what you can expect as a NFT member in the future. 


Beto's Answers to your questions

Beto’s Sports Bet Club is GSBN NFT project around sports betting and trading to build an extraordinary community of investment minded sports bettors to onboard the next generation of sports betting on the blockchain. 

Each BSBC NFT will cost $225 and will be paid in ETH or by credit card. We will calculate the exact ETH price at the mint day. Every Token will cost the same without any bonding curves or whitelist special prices. 

You can authenticate on Beto’s Discord Server with your BSBC NFT to unlock holders only channels like the Bet Office, where you will get access to exclsuvie membership deals at the GSBN platform like a 6 month free VIP membership on In addition to that you will get access to our academy channely where the GSBN CEO himself will educate you on professional sports betting and trading. For the future thera are plans to connect more features to the NFT and to expand it’s influence in the sports betting industry. 

As long as you own Beto NFT you will get a 50% lifetime discount on the “Vegas Syndicate Wagers” Membership at GSBN, which is an industry leading sports bet information membership from GSBN. In addition to that you will get NFT only discounts to try all the other GSBN subscriptions and most important you will have the chance to win the “Bet Jackpot” every month where we will randomly choose a NFT that will win the protifts that the GSBN bet professional generated every month. The Jackpot will be build with 10% of the the minting profits. 

GSBN or the “Global Sports Bet Network” is one of the most valuable sports bet information provider on the market, that offers information to customers with a guaranteed return rate of 40%- 80% per year. Founded by Rod Vermilio who is a professional sports trader for over 25 years who bet’s over $3 Million per year and shares all his personal results with the entire GSBN Community.

The Bet Jackpot is a “Giveback” iniciative of GSBN to the NFT community. Starting with 10% of the Mint Revenue (around $225k) that will be used from the GSBN Bettors to bet for the BSBC Community. Every month we will give away the bet profits (estimated at 10% to 30%) to one randomly chosen NFT holder. You are allowed to own more than NFT to have an even bigger chance to win the jackpot. 

Yes you can sell your BSBC NFT at any time as it is your personal asset that is connected to the GSBN network. If you sell your NFT you will also give away your special GSBN deals and the chance to win the monthly bet jackpot. 

Don’t wait join the club today!

Become one of Beto’s Betting Friends and be a future winner. Starting today with your first free bet information from our GSBN Sports Bet Professionals.