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Beto’s Bet Jackpot

Win big and the bet jackpot

As a BSBC member you are qualified to participate on monthly bet jackpot giveaways where a randomly chosen NFT will win the total profits that the GSBN bet professionals have generated using 10% of the minting profits to bet for Beto’s Sports Bet Club. 

Winner Token #1

BSBC #8635







About the jackpot

The most exclusive bet jackpot ever

From the BSBC Minting revenue GSBN will use 10% (around $225,000) to create a Bet Fund that only exist for the BSBC community. Our proven sports bettors and traders will use the funds to bet for the community. The profits from the bets will then go to the Jackpot. Every member can see the live updated jackpot amount on the discord. At the end of each month, we will choose a random NFT ID that will win the entire profits and we will transfer them to the NFT owner’s wallet. From over 25 years of professional sports betting we can estimate the monthly profits at 10% to 30%.


Chance to win per event
(if you own one BCBS NFT)

12 Chances

To win the jackpot every year

Want to win the bet jackpot?

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